We stand for quality

Our numerous certificates show you that our products meet the highest quality standards.

The Zillertal hay milk dairy has the following certifications:

We only use the purest hay milk. Hay milk means that no silage is fed. The cows receive fresh feed from the pasture in the summer, that is, a wide variety of grasses and herbs. In winter, the cows are fed exclusively with hay and a bit of mineral-rich cereal meal. This natural feeding gives hay milk its incomparably rich and rich flavor.


Already since 1.1.2010, it has been confirmed by an independent inspection body that the milk from the Zillertal hay milk dairy to 100% is free from genetic engineering. The food products labeled as "controlled GMO-free" may neither consist of genetically modified organisms nor contain them; In their production as well as in the production of their additives (eg., Vitamins, enzymes, flavorings) no genetic engineering methods may be used. For animal products, feed must also be controlled by GMO. Strict and regular controls carried out by independent bodies are indispensable for labeling. Our milk and the production of our products is regularly checked by the inspection body: Biko Tirol.


The Zillertal hay milk dairy is the largest Zillertal organic milk processor. About 1,8 million kg of milk are processed into organic cheese. Organic milk is supplied by specially controlled farms, is 100% GMO-free and guarantees strict animal husbandry criteria, strict independent controls and a special, natural taste experience.

Organic from the mountain

Who loves his home, keeps you. Therefore, we are committed to regional food from sustainable, organic agriculture.

Quality Assurance

Quality plays the most important role in the production of Zillertal hay milk dairy products. The entire route of the milk is accompanied by innumerable quality controls: at the farmer's, at the milk collection, at the entrance of the milk and also at all other ingredients, several times during the processing, at the cheese-making, at the delivery and in the laboratory the test samples after expiration the durability. Far beyond the legal provisions - such as the strict Austrian food law (LMR), the AMA seal of approval directives, the EU hygiene regulation, the bio-controls, etc. - we voluntarily perform examinations according to the HACCP Concept and the FSCC22000.