watch cheesemaking

Cheese Dairy and Museum

A visit to our show dairy is worthwhile for the whole family and provides an informative insight into the working world of a dairy. We invite you to watch the cheese master how fresh hay milk is processed into quality products!

The cheese dairy museum shows you the history of our dairy and gives you an impression of the cheese production before 100 years, which was done with the simplest of tools and tools.

Guided tours for groups and schools


At the beginning of the tour, a film will show you the refinement of one of our most valuable raw materials

the milk.

Film presentation of the cheese dairy, museum visit and afterwards free cheese tasting always Monday to Friday, for groups (ab10 persons) at any time after prior registration.

Duration about 30 minutes


During the subsequent guided tour, you can watch the cheese master making cheese out of milk, and learn everything you need to know about the production process.


Following our tour, you can, of course, sample our products and purchase them in our specialist shop.

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