All our products are made from the purest hay milk. Hay milk is not without reason called the most original milk.

Because as close to nature and tradition otherwise no milk is produced. The milk comes exclusively from farmers from our region. 8 employees in production ensure the refinement of milk according to an old tradition. All our products are made with great care and love.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us in production. The entire route of the milk is accompanied by countless quality controls: at the farmer, when collecting milk, when the milk arrives and also with all other ingredients, several times during processing, when making cheese, during delivery and in the laboratory, the retention samples after the Durability. Far beyond the legal regulations - such as the strict Austrian food law (LMR), the AMA quality seal guidelines, the EU hygiene regulation, organic controls, etc. - we carry out tests according to the HACCP on a voluntary basis. Concept and the FSCC22000.