Kuhwohl Initiative

Discover the Heumilch-Kuhwohl initiative!

Since time immemorial, hay milk cows have been given fresh grass and herbs in summer and hay in winter. They also receive grain-rich grain meal. Fermented feed such as silage is strictly prohibited.

But the hay milk farmers do not only spoil their animals with appropriate feeding. Sufficient exercise, cozy resting places and personal care ensure well-being and make the hearts of cows beat faster.

Run for hay milk cows!

The possibility of movement on meadows, pastures and alpine pastures with fresh air and warming sun is of the utmost importance for animal health.

Our hay milk cows are in the playpen or have at least 120 days of exercise throughout the year.

Permanent tethering is prohibited.

Fresh water for well-being!

Cows need up to 120 liters of water a day to feel good.

Fresh water is always easily accessible for hay milk cows in the barn or on the pasture and is available in sufficient quantities.

The hay milk farmers look at this.

Appropriate feeding makes the difference!

Cows are ruminants. Their natural food base is fresh grass and herbs, which you can find on meadows, pastures and alpine pastures in summer.

In winter, hay milk cows get this aroma-rich feed in the form of hay. In addition, they receive mineral-rich grain meal, which must come from Europe and is controlled free of genetic engineering.

Fermented feed such as silage is strictly prohibited.

Personal care is important to us!

Thanks to the small animal populations, hay milk farmers know the peculiarities and preferences of their cows.

So that Hanni, Alma and Vroni feel good, an appropriate stable climate with plenty of fresh air and sufficient space is ensured.

A comfortable berth is also important, as hay milk cows spend half of the day resting and lying.

We keep animal health high!

The health of the hay milk cows is our top priority. That is why all hay milk farmers are members of the animal health service.

With professional advice from the veterinarian, regular checks are carried out to check the welfare of the hay milk cows.