In the change of time

The Sennereigenossenschaft was added on 27. May 1934 founded by 29 members / farmers, Emmentaler loaves and butter were produced. So let's celebrate 2019 our 85 anniversary.

The Zillertal hay milk dairy is a cooperative which currently consists of approx. 270 members consists. The annual milk delivery is about 14,5 million kg of milk, Thus, the Zillertal hay milk dairy is the largest Tyrolean milk processor in farm hands. Currently are 30 people busy.

In the catchment area of ​​the dairy are the municipalities Fügen, Fügenberg, Uderns, Ried, Bruck, Aschau, Kaltenbach, Stumm, Gerlos and Hart, The delivered milk is silage-free hay milk and partly also organic milk, which is an essential factor for the high quality of the produced products.