Mountain farmers Heumilch

100% mountain farmer's hay milk, cheese and butter, simply better in taste and natural

Species-appropriate feeding

Cows are ruminants. Their natural food base is fresh grass and herbs, which you can find on meadows, pastures and alpine pastures in summer.

In winter, hay milk cows get this aroma-rich feed in the form of hay. In addition, they receive mineral-rich grain meal, which must come from Europe and is controlled free of genetic engineering.

Fermented feed such as silage is strictly prohibited.


Lots of exercise and exercise

The possibility of movement is of great importance for animal health. Hay-milk cows are in a pen or exercise yard or have at least 120 days of exercise or pasture available throughout the year.

Permanent tethering is strictly forbidden!


Personal care

Due to the small farm structures, our hay milk farmers take care of a small number of animals.

They know the names, characteristics and character traits of their approximately 17 cows very well.


Top performance is not required

Hay milk cows do not have to perform at their best. Feeding appropriate to the species results in an average milk yield.

In industrialized agriculture in Europe, milk quantities of up to 50 kg can be achieved daily using enormous amounts of concentrated feed. Our hay milk cows are far from that. By adhering to their natural way of life, they give about 18 kg of milk per day.


Sufficient space in the stable

Since cows spend half of the day resting and lying down, the hay milk farmers ensure there is plenty of space to lie down and enough fresh air in the barn.


Fresh water

Cows need up to 120 liters of water per day. Fresh water is made available in sufficient quantities and easily accessible on the pasture or in the stable.